Hi there! I'm Le Mal
I've been refining my craft for over two decades, tweaking traditional techniques and trying out new mediums with wild abandon. If you're looking for predictability or conformity, well, you've come to the wrong place, my friend. 
I pride myself on my ability to take the expected and flip it on its head, all while keeping things light-hearted and whimsical. You'll find no pretentiousness or self-seriousness here, just a passion for creating art that makes you smile, or perhaps even let out a giggle or two. And while I may not take myself too seriously, don't mistake my irreverence for a lack of depth - I'm always exploring the complexities of identity, memory, and the human experience through my work. 
So come on in and take a look around my virtual gallery, where you'll find a little bit of everything - from traditional oil paintings to digital collages to mixed media experiments. And who knows, you may even be inspired to unleash your own inner artiste, or at the very least, clutch your pearls in delight.
Artistic approach 
Le Mal is an artist who fearlessly pushes boundaries and takes risks, always seeking new ways to amuse, intrigue, and challenge their audience. Their whimsical and playful style is matched by a sharp wit and irreverent sense of humor, making their art a delight for all who view it. Le Mal is known for their unique ability to reinterpret familiar themes and tropes in unexpected ways, infusing each piece with a sense of surprise and wonder. However, there is also a deep sense of thoughtfulness and intentionality behind each work, with Le Mal using their art as a means of exploring complex ideas and emotions. 
Their fascination with identity, memory, and the human experience is evident in many of their pieces, which often touch on themes of alienation, loneliness, and the search for meaning in a chaotic world. Despite these weighty topics, Le Mal's works are never heavy-handed or didactic, instead inviting the viewer to engage with the art on their own terms and draw their own conclusions. As an explorer and experimenter, Le Mal is always seeking out new techniques and approaches to incorporate into their work, resulting in a diverse range of styles and media, from traditional oil painting to experimental mixed media pieces.
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Past Exhibition
Crazy4Cult 16 - October - 2022 - Los Angeles, CA
Abyss Gallery - Group Exhibition, 2017-2018
Montreal Squared - Benefit Art Auction - October 2015 - Montreal, QC
Participated in MURAL 2019 in collaboration w/ Montreal artist
Le Cercle - Group Exhibition - Quebec, QC
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